Discovery Channel: Part-time Worship Leader

I’m going to start tithing to the Discovery Channel. Seriously.

Currently my tithe checks go to my local church, where the Pastors and Elders and volunteers lead me in the worship of, discovery of, and learning of my Creator.

So, I’ve decided that periodically, a tithe check will head straight to the Discovery channel – because periodically, the Executives and staff and production teams there lead me in the worship of, discovery of, and learning of my Creator.  And what a beautiful, beautiful creator they help lead me to.

Don’t know what I mean?

Check out Discovery’s “Planet Earth.” Watch the first 10 minutes and then see if you don’t know exactly what I mean. Not enough? Try their latest video coverage of the most remarkable natural phenomenon on the planet in “Frozen Planet.”

A week ago I ran across Discovery’s “Frozen Planet.” In this series about the life, beauty, function, and pure magnificence of the Arctic and Antarctic, the cameras have captured aspects of God’s creation that most people will never see. And it is absolutely awe inspiring. Worship inspiring. As I’ve watched, I’ve found myself seated on my couch, mouth hung open in sheer amazement at the wonders of this planet, worshiping God.

I challenge you to watch it – or get “Planet Earth” from Netflix and sit down for your own, in home, worship event. You won’t be disappointed.

The pure beauty – absolute uniqueness – transfixing creativity – and spell binding wonder have led me to worshiping my God as creator in a whole new way.

Now, when I read Genesis 1 or 2, or run across Job 38 in which God asks Job, “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the Earth?”, I have beautiful images of the Earth God speaks of.

And it is glorious. Just like its Creator.

Dear Discovery Channel,

Thank you for showing us His world. A check is on its way.

Dear God,

Thank you for creating our amazing world.  Praise is on its way.

Published by Christopher Greer

Writer, pastor, speaker following Jesus.


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