I Want to be Carl Hauser

Why do I want to be Carl Hauser?

Because Carl Hauser saves the world.

If there was any question about me being 100% male, let Friday night stand as exibit ‘A’. To cure a bit of boredom and restlessness, I went to watch “Total Recall” (As I said – I’m 100% male). I needed a dude’s movie and it did not disappoint. Lots of things blew up, and lots of people got hurt. And Colin Farrell’s character, Carl Hauser, did indeed save the world.

And in the middle of the movie, as Carl was rescuing a damsel in distress on his way to conquering world-wide evil, I wondered (almost aloud), “Why do I want to be Carl Hauser?” And the answer came as quickly as the question did: “Because deep down, I want to save people.”

Here’s the beautiful thing – I am Carl Hauser. And I live in a world full of people who need to be saved.

We talked about this very thing last Tuesday night at my guys group. My “guys group” is a small group of 7 guys who have been meeting weekly for the last four years to discuss life and the Bible, and to pray for, encourage, teach, and call each other out. These are my best friends.

Last Tuesday we disussed the challenges of talking with other people about our beliefs and the times in life when we were (are) afraid to tell others about Jesus. We linked the difficulty of sharing our faith with people to our fear of rejection, our insecurity, and our desire not to be labeled as a “crazy Christian”; something that happens readily in Los Angeles, CA.

But in the end we each concluded that separation from our beautiful Creator, self-destruction, sin, and death are all very real. And if each of these things is real, then our lives are closer to Carl Hauser’s than we often realize. And there is no time to be fearful, insecure, or to worry about the labels we will be given.

This is the beauty of movies like Total Recall. I admit they are more than a bit ridiculous, but there is a simple truth in them that should resonate with our souls: the world is broken and it needs saving.

So the question is not so much why do I want to be Carl Hauser – the question when am I going to be Carl Hauser?

God is giving us the opportunity – in fact He is calling us to step into the reality that He wants to use US as the supporting cast in His epic attempt to let the world know that He can, and will save it from all that is killing it. Jesus did all the saving work on the cross and on resurrection Sunday, and now He’s asking us to lace up our boots, wipe the blood and sweat off our foreheads, and go into battle again and again for the sake of the world. This is not some drummed up Hollywood movie script. It’s the reality of the world we live in.

Here’s the good news – if the Church is the Body of Christ in this world (as Scripture says repeatedly) then we are the Carl Hausers that the world is looking for. We are the butt-kicking, evil conquering, life-saving force that this world needs and we carry the Truth that will save it.

Don’t you want to be Carl Hauser too?  Then your question is the same as mine – WHEN are you going to be Carl Hauser?

Now Go save the world. You know you want to. And you’re supposed to.

2 Corinthians 5:17-21       Ephesians 6:10-18

Published by Christopher Greer

Writer, pastor, speaker following Jesus.


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