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All of us wrestle with questions about God, the Bible, and aspects of faith. In this three book series (co-authored with bestselling authors Stan Jantz and Bruce Bickel) the authors engage some of our most difficult questions in a winsome, thoughtful, accessible, and Biblical way.

With their intelligent but fun, comfortable but straightforward style, Christopher, Stan, and Bruce offer insights to help us gain ground on the questions that help stabilize and grow our relationship with God. All the while they remind us of the hope we have in Jesus and his gospel.



New Cover Only - for KDPEaster is more meaningful when we intentionally prepare for it by reading and reflecting on Scripture. My first book, Easter is Coming, is a 47-day devotional guide through the final week of Jesus earthly life. It follows the narrative in the four gospels of Jesus’ passion, and will help you see his life, and yours, in a new and more meaningful light.

Easter is too big and too powerful to be relegated to one church service in the spring. At any point during the year, this book can help you connect with Christ’s mission and the impact it has for you and the world.






Christmas Is Coming, the follow-up to Easter Is Coming, is here. Christmas is Coming will be your guide through Scripture to help you, your friends, and your family prepare for celebrating the birth of the King.   




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