You Might Not Be Living

Odds are you’re quite busy. It’s 2017 and smartphones are ubiquitous, office hours are passe, and quality rest is reserved for stress-free, sleep-trained babies. The tongue-in-cheek phrase “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” reveals (even if flippantly) a common-place perspective: if you’re busy you’re living.

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Have you asked someone “How ya doin’?” lately and received this badge-of-honor response:”Whew, man….Things are busy.”? It’s an answer I’ve gotten and given.

It’s one part truth, another part pride. “I’m busy” is a two-word attempt to communicate that I’m important and I’m really living.

And I’m kind of right. Work, family, friendship, and free-time obligations fill life to the brim. We’re certainly alive while we work, engage with family, build and enjoy friendship, and explore our hobbies.

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