5 Ways to Help Our Family…Will You Pick 2?

The letter ‘N’, or the Arabic symbol pictured here, is used by ISIS to mark the homes of the Christians they are murdering, capturing, and driving from Iraq. The Islamic terrorist group chose this letter because it stands for the Nazarene,that is Jesus of Nazareth. It represents the One the Iraqi Christians claim as theirContinue reading “5 Ways to Help Our Family…Will You Pick 2?”

My Family is Being Murdered. What do I do?

If my family in Texas was being driven from their home, starved, and murdered, there is no question what I would do. I would board the next flight to DFW, run to the aid of my family, and fight to the death to protect everyone with the last name Greer. The truth is, I wouldContinue reading “My Family is Being Murdered. What do I do?”

Grief and Hope, Hope and Grief

Nicholas Wolterstorff in the book The Incomplete One makes a profound statement about grief and hope in the face of death. He writes, “Though grief does not smother hope, neither does hope smother grief.” Death is a reality everyone must face, and it presents a distinct and important challenge for the Christian. St. Paul, inContinue reading “Grief and Hope, Hope and Grief”