You Might Not Be Living

Odds are you’re quite busy. It’s 2017 and smartphones are ubiquitous, office hours are passe, and quality rest is reserved for stress-free, sleep-trained babies. The tongue-in-cheek phrase “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” reveals (even if flippantly) a common-place perspective: if you’re busy you’re living.

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Have you asked someone “How ya doin’?” lately and received this badge-of-honor response:”Whew, man….Things are busy.”? It’s an answer I’ve gotten and given.

It’s one part truth, another part pride. “I’m busy” is a two-word attempt to communicate that I’m important and I’m really living.

And I’m kind of right. Work, family, friendship, and free-time obligations fill life to the brim. We’re certainly alive while we work, engage with family, build and enjoy friendship, and explore our hobbies.

We’re alive. But are we livingContinue reading

Hope Healed Her (and it just might help you too)

Imagine waking up one morning with the ability to see out of only one good eye, without the power to move your limbs, and with a tangle of tubes extending from your body like tentacles. Now imagine having no idea how you got in such a predicament.Jay and Katherine

Such is the story of my friend Katherine Wolf, who suffered a massive brain stem stroke a few years ago. And though she should be dead, she isn’t. And though her husband, Jay–who was was left alone to care for their six-month old son and his suddenly severely disabled wife–should have lost hope, he didn’t.

Their new book, Hope Heals, tells the story of their harrowing journey and the hope that has sustained them. In it they honestly and vulnerably recount all they lost and all they found and the Source for the miracle of life and their hope amid hopelessness.

I could not recommend a book more highly than this.

My wife and I have had our own journey with pain, unexplained suffering, and an unknown future, and in the pages of Hope Heals, in the retelling of Jay and Katherine’s profound experience, we connected again with the One we trust. And hope was rekindled. Continue reading